Poster Boards FAQ

How do the boards look?

The boards are 6 feet wide by 3 feet high, and they mount on poles that are 7 feet 2 inches tall with a 13 inch round base plate.

Each poster board is double-sided, therefore posters can be hung from both sides.

Poster boards can be setup in four different configurations:

a. Top
b. Middle
c. Bottom
d. Double stacked

Diagram showing the different configurations / layout:

Four different layouts of poster boards
Student standing in front of poster board in MSB Lobby

Posters must be adhered to the boards with Velcro® only.

Can the boards be linked together?

  • Yes, boards can be chain linked together or setup individually.
  • The boards also can be connected at ninety degrees.
Photo of how boards can be linked together

How can I hang my research poster?

Photo instructions on how to attach Velcro

You must use adhesive backed Velcro®. The adhesive part of the velcro is attached to the back of your posters and then your posters can be easily mounted on the poster boards.

Staples, thumb tacks, pins, etc. CAN NOT be used since they will damage the poster boards’ surface. Damage to boards will result in additional charges.

Where can I get Velcro?

We sell rolls of adhesive backed Velcro® (75 feet) for $60.00 or $2.00 per ft.

You can also buy Velcro from stationary stores, example: Staples, Walmart, etc.

How much Velcro do I need?

Use the Velcro calculator (Excel file) to determine how much Velcro you need.

How many poles and bases do I need?

Best way to determine how many boards, poles, and bases you need is to draw a floor plan.

  1. Worksheet / floor map / layout (PDF)
  2. Worksheet / floor map / layout (PowerPoint)
  3. Sometimes you may have a floor map provided by your venue.
Example of floor map to calculate quantities of boards, poles, and bases.

Each single (i.e. individual) poster board requires 2 poles and every pole needs a base.

Poster boards can be linked together so that two boards share a common pole. If this configuration is chosen, to calculate the total number of poles/bases required, you will need one pole/base combination for every poster board and one pole/base combination for every row.

E.g. you require 12 poster boards to form 3 rows (i.e. 4 poster boards per each row). You will need 12 + 3 = 15 poles and bases.

Additionally, for more intricate setups, each pole can connect up to four poster boards at 90* angles. Our poster boards can adapt to your required event needs.

Who can deliver (i.e. pickup/setup/tear down/return) the poster boards?

You will need to book movers that will transport and setup/tear down boards for your event.

Client TypeMoving CompanyContact Info
InternalUofT Campus MovingGlen, Justin, or Mike
(416) 978-0955
Visit Facilities and Services to submit a (SOR) Service Order Request
ExternalSynergy MoversNathaniel and Clovis (email only)
ExternalConsolidated Movers(416) 922-9595

Instructions for moving company

Boards are picked up from the loading dock at the Medical Sciences Building:

How to book UofT Campus Moving

You have to follow the steps below in the specified order.

I’m a University Client (internal)1. Call Campus Moving at 416-978-0955 ( to ensure they can do the job.

2. Once you know they are available submit a Service Order Request (SOR) by visiting (Chrome browser only).
a. Include the poster board details in the “Additional Detail” field.

3. The SOR will be sent to the Property Manager for review.

4. Property Manager will review and release SOR to Campus Moving.

5. Send the SOR number to Campus Moving and for reference.

If Campus moving is unavailable, then you can use external movers.
Non-University client (External)1. External Client emails (1 month in advance) to see if they can do the job.
a. Provide job details.

2. Campus Moving informs if they can do the job.
a. If yes, proceed to next step.

3. External client visits
a. Download form to setup new SAP account and email it to:

4. External client receives a SAP account number

5. External client emails Campus Moving ( to create Service Order Request (SOR)
a. Provide SAP number
b. Provide updated job details

6. Campus Moving will:
a. Create SOR (Service Orde Request) on behalf of External Client, and
b. Email SOR to External Client

7. Campus Moving does the job.

8. Central Finance: At the end of the month, any SOR numbers associated with the SAP account number are invoiced.

9. External client pays by a) cheque or b) wire-transfer

What happens when my requirements change?

Contact 1) Division of Teaching Labs and 2) the movers as soon as possible with information that needs to be updated. Since the poster boards are rented out on a first come first serve basis, we can not promise that extra boards will be available should your requirements change.

Scroll down to see fees associated with last minute changes.

How much notice is required?

Poster boards are issued on a first come first serve basis, therefore the more notice we have the more likely we will be able to fill your request.

Scroll down to see fees associated with last minute changes.

How many boards are available?

Boards are rented out on a first come, first-served basis. The maximum order we can fill assuming no one else has requested any boards, is 95 boards and 129 poles and bases.

How much do the boards cost?

Client TypeCostPayment Method
I’m a UofT client (departments, faculties, divisions, etc)$25 per board per dayInternal transfer via FIS numbers.
I’m a UofT student group ‡ §$15 per board per day + 13% taxInvoiced and pay by cheque only.
I’m External (eg. hospitals, organizations, etc)$25 per board per day + 13% taxInvoiced and pay by cheque only.
  • The UofT student group has to be recognized by UofT Student Life and found on the Student Organization Portal.
  • §The student group has to be the organizer of the event. A Faculty/Department/Division organizing a student event would not count as a student group led event.
  • At this moment we do not accept credit cards.
  • Transportation/setup not included, client has to book moving company separately.

How do I order poster boards?

  1. Complete the online request form.
  2. After your order is approved, email with a layout of the poster board and poles-bases worksheet (PDF file).

Returning the boards

When returning the equipment, ensure that:

  • All Velcro must be removed from the boards.
  • There will be additional charges levied if items are missing, equipment is damaged, or the rings are moved.
  • The client is responsible for arranging for the return of the equipment

Cancellation and Additional Fees

Cancelling order$5/board
Last minute changes$100
Cleaning fee$100
Rush fee$100
Unconfirmed Movers$75
  • All timelines are based on Board Pickup-Date (not event date); this is the date when movers will pick-up boards from our facility.
  • Example 1: Event date = board pickup date. Event starts at 2 PM, movers have time to pickup boards the same day.
  • Example 2: Event starts at 8 AM. Movers will have to pick up boards the day before to setup in time.
  • Example 3: Event starts Monday 8 AM. Movers will have to pick-up boards on Friday (3 days before event date).

Every event/venue is different. Keep the above examples in mind when placing an order for your event or cancelling your order.

Cancelling Order

If order is cancelled with 5 business days or less notice from board pick-up date, then a $5/board cancellation fee will be charged.

Last Minute Changes

We understand that your event requirements may change. You can adjust your poster board quantities at no additional cost up to 6 business days before poster board pickup date. If quantity of poster boards is reduced with 5 business days or less notice from board pick-up date, then a $100 last minute change fee will be applied.

Cleaning Fee
Ensure that the boards are clean at the end of your event before the movers tear them down. There will be a $100 cleaning charge added if the boards are returned with any labels, pins, tape, staples still attached to them.

Rush Fee
Any orders submitted 5 business days prior to your event (i.e. poster board pickup date) will have an additional charge of $100 added to the order.

Unconfirmed Movers
We require that you provide us with the moving company details at least 7 days prior to poster board pickup. We require that time to coordinate logistics with the moving company. If moving company is unconfirmed at least 5 business days prior to poster board pickup date, a $75 fee will be added.