About Us

Division of Teaching Laboratories(DTL) is primarily a service wing of Faculty of Medicine. We have technical staff who are well trained to provide excellent service to various multi-discipline courses. DTL’s technical staff work in collaboration with the various departments in the Faculty of Medicine and includes such departments in providing a wholesome and practical laboratory experience to undergraduate and professional program students.

There are four major functions of DTL, which include:

  • To provide meaningful and enriching laboratory experience to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • To provide DTL lab rooms and classrooms for labs, seminars, tutorials, workshops and conferences..
  • To rent poster boards for various events at University of Toronto and in the city.
  • To bring the U of T experience to high school students from around the world through our MED YSP program.
Lab technicians doing fly sorting
DTL staff sorting flies.
Student doing lab experiment
Student performing experiment in DTL facility.