Medicine Youth Summer Program (Med YSP)

Every summer the Division of Teaching Laboratories offers the Faculty of Medicine’s Youth Summer Program (MED YSP) for high school students.

MED YSP is a unique university-led science program based at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus that consists of four, standalone one-week modules. Each module introduces a major medical discipline (physiology, molecular biology and genetics, pharmacology and microbiology). Each module is developed and supervised by a faculty member from the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.

Each week, MED YSP students are engaged in a variety of activities including attending lectures and discussions, from leading physicians, clinician-scientists, basic sciences researchers, students from various professional programs such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and representatives from offices of admissions of these programs. The experience is further enhanced with hands-on laboratories which introduce students to basic research techniques as well as the latest advances in biomedical sciences. The laboratory work is based on university level courses and some experiments are modeled on current research being done.

"Such a good experience. I learned so much about university life, med school, science and lab techniques
and about microbiology. Considering it was only a week, i learned an insane amount and also had a lot of fun. Everyone, (students and staff) were so helpful and kind and all interesting people with a shared
passion for science. I loved this program!"

Med YSP participant, 2021