Ron Wilson Human Biology Program Student Achievement Award, HMB

Photo of Ron Wilson

Born in Toronto, Ron Wilson became interested in science at a very young age with a fascination for insects. It wasn’t until he reached High School that his interests changed to Cell Biology. His grade 9 high school teacher, with all his enthusiasm, introduced the topic of mitosis and he was hooked! He repeatedly asked the teacher to explain mitosis to a point where the teacher became very concerned that he did not understand the material. Finally, he confessed to the teacher that he loved biology and especial cell biology and he really enjoyed the way the teacher presented the material. In 1990 he completed his BSc in Cell and Molecular Biology from Scarborough College, his MSc. in Zoology (Cell Biology) in 1993, where he studies the effects of cannabinoids on cells and a PhD in Zoology (Cell Biology) in 1998 where he studies the effects of high hydrostatic pressure on cells. In 1998-99, he worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, in the Department of Zoology.

In 1999, Ron Wilson joined the Human Biology Program at the University of Toronto as a Lecturer and then as a Senior Lecturer, where he assisted in the development, implementation, and coordination of the Human Biology Program Laboratory courses. Life Science is a practical field and laboratory courses are an essential component for students to gain this practical experience. He is currently involved with the teaching, program counselling and administration of the Human Biology Program programs.