Lois Dove Biochemistry Student Achievement Award, BCH 370

Portrait of Lois Dove

Lois Dove lived and had her early education in a wide variety of places in the continental United States and Hawaii. She graduated from Radcliffe College with a degree in biochemistry in 1953. Lois was subsequently employed at Sloan-Kettering in New York City for two years and in a biophysics research laboratory at the Harvard Medical School for seven years. At HMS she worked with Dr. Warren Wacker; their most important work together was a path-breaking study on zinc deficiency. Lois married in February 1962 and moved to Toronto that summer.

Lois first did research in the Cardiovascular Research Unit of the Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Toronto. From 1965 she was a lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry, and went on to become a Senior Tutor in that department. She was particularly keen with laboratory teaching, always making the extra effort to ensure that students received the most benefit from their laboratory experience. Lois played a key role in developing and teaching the newly created biochemistry lab BCH 370 and also, with Dorrie Johnson, was a central figure running the advanced lab BCH 471 in the sixties and seventies. Lois was also active in other areas of the University; she was a Past President of the University of Toronto Arts Women’s Club, and also a member and past Treasurer of the U of T Women’s Association.

A very major part of the last years of Lois’ life was devoted to the cause of peace and disarmament through her work for ‘Science for Peace’, a Canada-wide organization of scientists dedicated to research and education promoting a more peaceful world. She was known for her dedication to her family, the well-being of others, and the preservation of what is fine in our culture.