John Bruce Hay Immunology Student Achievement Award, IMM 435

Dr. John (Jack) Hay received a Masters of Science degree from University of British Columbia in 1967 and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Experimental Pathology from Australian National University in 1971. He started his research career at the Basel Institute for Immunology in Switzerland as a Research Scientist and continued as Assistant, Associate and Full Professor in the Departments of Immunology and Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at University of Toronto between 1973 and 2006, at which time he retired.

Dr. Jack Hay published 95 peer-reviewed papers and he had leading roles in several academic and administrative functions including as a Chair of Dean’s Research Committee, Department of Immunology, Admissions Committee for Medicine and undergraduate coordinator for Department of Immunology. Dr. Hay is also the Provincial Chairman of Partners in Research, Canada.

Dr. Jack Hay coordinated the IMM435 Practical Immunology course between 1994-2002 and developed several new experiments to enhance the student experience and modernize the course. These include flow cytometry, PCR, in vivo studies with lymphatics of sheep and research based presentations on new methodologies. Dr. Hay’s legacy continues as the laboratory course is consistently brought up to date and remains to be one of the favorite courses of the 4th year Immunology students.