About Us
The Division of Teaching Laboratories
Division of Teaching Laboratories(DTL) is primarily a service wing of Faculty of Medicine. We have technical staff who are well trained to provide excellent service to various multi-discipline courses. DTL's technical staff work in collaboration with the various departments in the Faculty of Medicine and includes such departments as Biochemistry, Immunology, Human Biology, Physiology in providing a wholesome and practical laboratory experience to undergraduate and professional program students.

There are five major functions of DTL, which include: 

  • To provide meaningful and enriching laboratory experience to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • To book and provide DTL lab rooms for seminars, tutorials, workshops and conferences..
  • To prepare and provide Cell Culture Media to researchers in the Faculty of Medicine, affiliated teaching hospitals and others.
  • To rent poster boards for various conferences at University of Toronto and in the city.
  • To bring the U of T experience to high school students from around the world through our MED YSP program.
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