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Poster Board - General Info/FAQ
About our poster boards?
Poster boards can be mounted in 1 of 3 positions (A,B,C) or 2 boards stacked one on top of the other. Each poster board is double-sided, therefore posters can be hung from both sides. The boards are 6 feet wide by 3 feet high, and they mount on poles that are 7 feet 2 inches tall with a 13 inch round base plate. Posters must be adhered to the boards with Velcro® only.
Poster Board Layout Options
How many poles and bases do I need?
Each single (i.e. individual) poster board requires 2 poles. Please keep in mind that for every pole you need a base.

However, poster boards can be linked together so that two boards share a common pole. If this configuration is chosen, to calculate the total number of poles/bases required, you will need one pole/base combination for every poster board and one pole/base combination for every row.

E.g. you require 12 poster boards to form 3 rows (i.e. 4 poster boards per each row). You will need 12 + 3 = 15 poles and bases.

Additionally, for more intricate setups, each pole can connect up to four poster boards at 90* angles. Our poster boards can adapt to your required event needs.
Where can I pick up the poster boards?
Pickup can be arranged by contacting:

Janet Katz
MSB Room 3371
(416) 978-8720
Who can I get to deliver (Pickup/Setup/Return) the poster boards?
We do not deliver poster boards but we can suggest movers that others have used in the past.

1) Facilities and Services (416) 978-0955

Please see http://www.fs.utoronto.ca/movers.htm for more information on how this can be arranged. Facilities & Services requires a Service Order to be processed for the delivery.

2) Consolidated Movers (416) 489-4548
If my requirements change
You should contact Janet Katz and the movers may also need to be notified. Since the poster boards are rented out on a first come first serve basis, we can not promise that extra boards will be available should your requirements change.
How much notice is required?
Poster boards are issued on a first come first serve basis, therefore the more notice we have the more likely we will be able to fill your request.
How many boards can I rent?
Boards are rented out on a first come, first-served basis. The maximun order we can fill assuming no one else has requested any boards, is 120 boards and 129 poles and bases.
Payment types
For internal orders a FIS number is required.

For external orders the customer will be billed by an invoice.
How much do the boards cost?
$15.00 per board per day for use within MSB (Medical Sciences Building).
$25.00 per board per day for use outside of MSB.

Poles and bases are included.
How can I hang posters on the poster boards?
You must use adhesive backed Velcro®. The adhesive part of the velcro is attached to the back of your posters and then your posters can be easily mounted on the poster boards.

!!! Staples, thumb tacks, pins, etc. MUST NOT be used since they will damage the poster boards' surface. Damage to boards will result in additional charges. !!!
Where can I get Velcro?
We sell rolls of adhesive backed Velcro® (75 feet) for $60.00 or $2.00 per ft.?

You can also buy Velcro from stationary stores.
How do I order poster boards?
Fill out the order form and fax it to Janet Katz at (416) 978-6168 or email the Order Form to janet.katz@utoronto.ca
Order Form (PDF)
Returning the equipment when finished

When returning the equipment please make note.
  • All Velcro must be removed from the boards.
  • There will be additional charges levied if items are missing, equipment is damaged, or the rings are moved.
  • The renter is responsible for arranging for the return of the equipment
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