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Student Awards
DTL in partnership with the basic life science departments and corporate sponsors offers student awards that recognize outstanding achievement. The award is given to the top ranked student from each of the courses listed below. Furthermore, each award commemorates a faculty member who has over the years contributed to undergraduate teaching.

Lois Dove for Biochemistry (BCH 370H)
Clarence Fuerst for medical Genetics and Microbiology (MGY 432)
John Bruce Hay for Immunology (IMM 435)
Bernice Hines for Physiology (PSL 374)
James Y. K.Lau Physiology Award (PSL372)
Dezso Kadar for Pharmacology (PCL 471)
Ron Wilson for Human Biology Program (HMB)

For Student Award recipients see here.

MED YSP (Faculty of Medicine's Youth Summer Program)
MED YSP is a unique university-led science program based at the University of Toronto and run by the Division of Teaching Laboratories in the Faculty of Medicine. The MED YSP program consists of four, one-week modules. Each module introduces a major medical discipline (physiology, molecular biology – CSI, pharmacology and microbiology). Each module is developed and supervised by a faculty member from one of four departments (Physiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Biochemistry, Microbiology).

Each week, MED YSP students are engaged in a variety of activities including listening to leading physicians, clinician-scientists, basic sciences researchers, students from various professional programs such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and representatives from offices of admissions of these programs. The experience is further enhanced with hands-on laboratories which introduce students to basic research techniques as well as the latest advances in biomedical sciences. The laboratory work is based on university level courses and some experiments are modeled on current research being done.

Find out more about the program through DTL's MED YSP site and from New College's registration site.
DEEP Program
Information to follow soon.
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