DTL 2011-12 Student Awards

DTL 2012-2013 Student Awards Ceremony

The Division of Teaching Laboratories had instituted six student awards in laboratory courses, which include: BCH 370 (Biochemistry Laboratory), IMM 435 (Practical Immunology), HMB (Human Biology), MGY 432 (laboratory in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology), PCL 471 (Pharmacology Laboratory) and PSL 374 (Advanced Physiology Laboratory). 

The awards were named after a faculty member who had made significant contributions to laboratory teaching in departments of Biochemistry, Human Biology, Immunology, Medical Genetics and Microbiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology, and Physiology. 

The awards recognize outstanding achievement and are given to the top ranked student in each of the respective laboratory courses. 

Congratulations to the 2012-13 DTL Student Achievement Award Winners:

Award Name and Course Winner Sponsor
Lois Dove Biochemistry Award (BCH370H) Bingyu Hou Mandel Scientific Company Ltd.
Ron Wilson Human Biology Award (HMB) Galina Gheihman Thermo Fisher Scientific
John Hay Immunology Award (IMM435) Matthew Simon Haaland Thermo Fisher Scientific
Clarence Fuerst Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Award (MGY432) Carly Victoria Weiss Thermo Nalge Nunc International
Dezso Kadar Pharmacology Award (PCL471) Yuxiao Sonny Chen Eppendorf Canada Ltd.
Bernice Hines Physiology Award (PSL 374) Kateri D'Silva VWR International

To learn more about these awards please visit the awards section of our website
Pictures from the ceremony are posted here.

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