Faculty of Medicine's Youth Summer Program (MED YSP)

Faculty of Medicine's Youth Summer Program (MED YSP) is offered through a partnership with New College, one of the five colleges located at the University of Toronto. Furthermore, the Division of Teaching Laboratories (DTL) plays a pivotal role in organizing and running the academic content of the MED YSP program.


Every summer, high school students are offered an exclusive glimpse into the world of medicine and medical research by the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. Students from across North America and around the world are invited to learn at Canada’s most prestigious medical school!

From its home in the University of Toronto’s Medical Sciences Building, in the heart of Toronto’s “Medical Discovery District”, the MED YSP offers students currently enrolled in grades 10 and 11 four unique one-week modules that each introduces a major medical discipline.

Each module includes lectures from world-class faculty and hands-on experimentation, guided by distinguished medical researchers, in cutting-edge research laboratories. The Med YSP’s unparalleled access to the University of Toronto’s medical faculty and research facilities allows participants to experience what it is like to be a student at Canada’s premier medical school.

Physiology - How the body works
In this module, students explore the main systems in human physiology including: respiratory, cardiac, neuro-muscular and sensory physiology.
Molecular Biology and Genetics: The Science Behind CSI
In this module, students learn about DNA fingerprinting, forensic investigations, and genetically modified organisms through a variety of hands-on laboratory activities and lectures from world-class speakers.
Pharmacology: Medication, Drugs, and the Body
Students participate in laboratory experiments that explore three of pharmacology's main components; pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics.
Microbiology: Microbes and the Body
In this module, students learn about the causes and effects of outbreaks like SARS and the Bird Flu from world-renowned doctors and researchers and gain a fundamental understanding of how a simple transmission method together with a potent microorganism can lead to devastating effects.
Research Module

Research in the Medical Sciences: Three Weeks in a Scientist’s Lab

Since 2012 students have been offered a unique and unparalleled opportunity to work in a research laboratory and contribute to ongoing life science projects in the Faculty of Medicine! One of the most exciting aspects of science is discoveries that impact and improve the world we live in. A discovery is fundamentally rooted in the process of systematic evaluation, experimentation and deductive reasoning. In this module, students will spend three weeks actively participating in experiments along side a graduate student or researcher getting a taste of real-world medical research in the works.

Genetic transformation computer exercise DNA sequences
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